Reasons to Recover

A list of reasons to continue forward that I will add on to throughout recovery:
  • So I can go running/exercise again
  • So I can stop being a burden on everybody, and they won't have to worry about me all the time
  • To get my confidence back
  • To be happy
  • So I can do everything I want to do in the future
  • To live my life again instead of watching it all fall apart from a distance


  1. Hi! I'd love to see you work on that list...:) Surely there are so many more reasons...!??:)

  2. This is inspirational, I love the part about being happy, living your life and looking forward to the future.

    Don't feel guilty about 'burdening' others though - it's wonderful that you care about them, but they love you and support you, so their priority is that you focus on YOU, as opposed to them :)

    Princess xxx