Tuesday, January 14, 2014

News + New blog?


I know I haven't been posting regularly again like I keep saying I will. I think there's just so much history with this blog, it's hard to come on here since I'm in such an entirely different place now. On here, it feels like I have to talk about ED stuff because that was kind of the whole purpose/reason I started blogging. And I know that it's my blog, I can write about whatever I want, but it just seems weird continuing on this blog that is so set in the past when now I am in a new phase of my life. Also, I've been more open lately with people knowing I have a blog, and I've actually shown a couple people my blog who I know in real life. I think I'm okay with people I know reading this now, during that time of my life I was so secretive and shut of from those around me I would just about die if anybody found my blog. But now I'm very open about that part of my life, I am fine to talk with people about it and I guess I'm now open to people I actually know seeing this blog. (So hi if I know you, based on page views I'm pretty sure you guys are reading this haha.)

But anyways, now that I'm in this new phase of my life and coming up on some major changes (moving away to COLLEGE across the country in August..!! I know where I'm going to college now by the way c: not gonna say where I'm going here on the internet though haha, wouldn't want people from college finding this high school blog…..? But I got into my top choice!!). So I'm thinking of starting a totally new blog on which I can just be free to write about anything in my life to help deal with and process everything huge coming my way in the next year (and beyond). I'll post again about it if I actually decide to do this :)

But anyways, time for my news…

I was (finally) declared healthy today! 

No more doctors appointments!! I already stopped therapy and nutrition appointments ages ago and I think it's been like a year since seeing my psychiatrist.. but I've just had to keep going back to the doctor every few months, my body was happy at a certain weight and just wasn't budging, but my doctor didn't want to let me go before officially being 100%. Which is ridiculous in my opinion, I mean I understand where she's coming from and agree with her on making sure I'm healthy, but in my case I have absolutely NO idea what I weigh, and I'm totally fine with that. My weight bears no importance in my life whatsoever, I don't even think about it. I feel great where I am, I'm healthy and happy both physically and mentally, I just thought it was silly to have to KEEP going back just cause my body's natural weight was a few pounds below whatever random number they pulled out of their equations or however they do those things.

But anyways, that's not important, what IS important is I am now officially healthy! I can finally move on entirely from that stage of my life. It is such a great feeling. I think I'll write another post in the next few days just reflecting on everything- being declared healthy, the whole recovery process, etc. I would do more in depth reflection right now but it's past 12 and I really need to get some sleep before school tomorrow. (which by the way I am already getting an insanely bad case of senioritis, it's only the beginning of the semester too….) So that's all I have to say!



  1. I am do happy to hear that you have been declared healthy!!! :) You have come such a long way - i remember when you first started commenting on my blog and were sick. You should be so proud of yourself and congratulations on getting into the college you wanted :)

    I was just wondering, would you want to write a guest post on my blog - about your recovery or thoughts during recovery or advice/help. No pressure at all, you dont have to go back into the past if you dont want to. I was just thinking it could be very inspiring for some of my readers to here abou someone else who has recovered, and now looks amazing and is happy living life!! :)
    Just leave me a comment or email me if you want to or not :)

    I am happy to hear you are doing so well :)

  2. That's amazing that you got declared healthy! I'm so proud of you, and I'm so glad to hear that you're free from that part of your life. If you do decide to keep posting here, I'd love it. But I understand why you wouldn't want to keep posting here.
    Congrats on getting into your top college too! That's a huge accomplishment. I hope it goes well for you too, and that you enjoy it. What do you want to study?

  3. Congratulations! Your story is such a great inspiration for a lot of girls out there who are struggling with the same situations you've been through. And on top of that great news, you're going to college! I hope you enjoy the college life, I'm sure I did!

    John @ Studemont Group