Monday, August 19, 2013

School tomorrow ~.~

As the title says.. I start school tomorrow :( I'm actually looking forward to having stuff to do, though I'm a bit worried about the stress level, I'm taking on a lot this semester. The only other thing I'm worried about is social issues, they tend not to be my forte.. I'm having a few problems with my friends lately (the few I have) and I'm pretty much going into school with about 2 friends. It would be different if it was going to a new school/university, but I've been in the same classes with these people for my whole life so it's not like there's a whole crop of new people to make friends with, they already have preconceived ideas of me and I of them. At least I have lunch plans arranged with a friend, I won't be lonely, that's the absolute worst time to be alone at school. (in the movies when the outsider sits in the bathroom to eat lunch because they have no friends and don't want to look pathetic? I've done that. Except not in a bathroom, that's disgusting.) I'm hoping anyways that I'll meet new people that I like/who like me and aren't jerks/smokers/drinkers/bad influences/annoying/distracting. Wish me luck! (if only I could have a class with all of you, the bloggers I've met are so nice!).

In other news, I've gotten your comments and I'll respond to them as soon as I can tomorrow, today was just too hectic with preparation- mostly mental!

The market
As for my day, I spent the morning doing work (still haven't finished up summer work, but the class I need it done for isn't till tuesday, woohoo!). Then my mum and I went to the office store so I could pick up a couple new notebooks and packs of paper since I've totally run out of notebook space, and then we went to a bookstore in a neighboring town to pick up one more book I need for Tuesday. And there happened to be a farmer's market happening downtown where the bookstore is, so we picked up lunch there, it was such a nice afternoon- farmer's markets/street markets are the best!!
Some really nice beans there.

^^I convinced my mum to let me get raspberries, $5 for two baskets which is an AMAZING deal, and they only had three baskets left when I got there so they threw in the third one for free!!!!! How incredible is that? I've spent my whole afternoon snacking on raspberries!^^

After that I came home and did MORE work, and then got Pho for dinner with my mum. I ordered the small bowl (which, let me tell you, is DEFINITELY not small in any way), but they accidentally gave me a large, which would me more accurately named gargantuan. I thought there was no way I could finish but I actually ate the entire thing, LOL, I guess I was quite hungry. It's always been a life goal of mine to finish a large size bowl of Pho, so there goes a checkmark on the bucket list :) now that I think about it, why is it called a bucket list? anyone know? it sure is a strange phrase.

See spoon, chopsticks, and 8oz water glass next to bowl for size -.-

How the heck did I do that?
look how the bowl dwarfs the spoon, dude!!

Then we did some quick grocery shopping and came back home, I tried doing more work but then got distracted in getting in a HUGE argument with one of my close friends, second huge argument we've had within a couple weeks :( I won't get into it now, but maybe I'll post more about it later.

I should really be getting to sleep by now, I need to get up around 6:30 tomorrow, ick, and seeing as it's already 12:30 now.. hmm, maybe 6:30 won't quite happen. We'll see. Wish me luck for school!!

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  1. It sounds like you've had a pretty good day! The rasberries look amazing. You seem like a really busy person, but I get why you're excited for school. It's 2:30am here for me, and I have school later this morning. Though I only have two classes.. So all in all I will only spend about a half hour in school. Good luck in all of your classes though! I'm sure it will be great! Xxx