Thursday, May 23, 2013


Lots of great news! I'm keeping this post short because I'm so exhausted, can't wait to fall into bed. Get ready for some bragging:

Yesterday I found out, I was accepted into a two week summer program at Stanford University (super prestigious uni in America if you haven't heard of it)!!!!! They only accept 40 students and you need to be recommended by a teacher (calculus teacher) to even apply. So I'm SUPER proud of myself and can't wait for it!! It'll be really rigorous but so fun, the program is an intensive course on computer programming. And we each get a macbook to keep :D (like, for the rest of our lives!). AND the program doesn't even cost anything. Sorry for all the bragging, but sometimes we each have the right to show off a bit when we worked really hard to get something great :)

Also, today the SAT scores came out today (really important national test in America) and I did really well, got a 2080 out of the 2400 scale. I'm really happy with my score and relieved that I did well, I think I will take it again in August to try and raise my score a bit, I would love to get into the 2100 or 2200 range (very high target, I know) but I won't overwork myself to get there, I'm already extremely proud of myself for how well I did. And if that's my best, well then that's okay!

I'm practically collapsing on my desk of exhaustion now, it's been such a hectic time. Only 9 days of school left though, YAY is all I can say. What a huge relief.

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  1. Congrats on getting into the program at Stanford!! That's amazing! Also, your SAT score is amazing. :D You're so smart!!
    You're right, we all need to brag every now and then. I am so happy for you!! Sorry it took me so long to comment. I've been having crazy days over here. But I'm so happy for you and I can't say that enough!!
    I hope you have a really good time at the program. Xx