Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank You

I'm sorry I hardly ever comment on anybody's blogs any more. I'm dealing with so much in my life right now that I just haven't had the bandwidth to read/comment on others at the moment (I've hardly updated my own blog as it is??). And especially with giving advice and such, when I'm in a hard place myself it can just be too much to attempt helping out somebody else in a hard time, like I need to put all my energy into keeping myself together. I hope that makes sense.

But I also wanted to say a big thank you to some of my readers, a lot of you always give me so much support and although I haven't responded to comments lately I want you to know that I appreciate them so much and it really does help me out quite a lot. I want to give an especially big thank you to CJ who always gives me such supportive comments, I know I hardly respond or check up on your blog and I'm really sorry about that but please know that I appreciate you so much and wish I could give you as much support as you've given me <3

1 comment:

  1. You're welcome. Don't worry about feeling bad for not commenting on blogs and supporting people, I totally understand.
    The only thing keeping me together right now IS helping other people. Focusing on other people, not myself. Twisted, I know. But hey, whatever works. (:
    I'm just glad that you've seen the comments. I wasn't sure if you did, but I would have posted them anyways. I'm always here, and it's a privilege to read your blog. <3 You're amazing Anja. (: