Friday, May 10, 2013

New header!!

I've finally made that new header I've been talking about doing for so long!! Now I just need to think of a new title for my blog.. as I'm no longer really "breaking free" from anorexia? :) It's kind of sad changing the title at the same time though, I'm so used to the current one, I've had the blog for over a year now I think? But anyways, I really like how the new header turned out, still a few edits I want to make to it but for now it'll do until I find more time to work on it :) I'm also not entirely happy with the current theme. Maybe I'll set aside some time tomorrow to work on blog makeover tweaks!

Now I'm off to bed after an exhausting week, tomorrow my plan is to bike across town to the bagel shop in the morning for breakfast and then spend my day out of the house, not just sitting on my butt in front of the computer ;) goodnight!

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