Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Lessons from Yoga

I just did an amazing yoga flow, and something the teacher said during it really struck a chord with me. It's amazing how so many aspects in yoga can be applied to life as well. The teacher said when going into child's pose after a headstand:

"...releasing of the shoulders that are doing an incredible amount of work, they're not used to supporting the weight of the body, even though they are quite capable of doing so for extended amounts of time. But having patience more than anything with our practice and the progression of our poses, especially ones that require us to take on new perspectives, to flip the way that we see things, the way that we interact with the world. Using now our upper parts to be our lower parts, our lower parts to be our upper parts. Having the same confidence that we have when we stand on our feet when we stand in our hands, when we stand in our forearms."

I see this as very relevant in eating disorder recovery. We are required to suddenly shift our perspectives of everything in our lives. That which we thought was necessary is in actuality bringing us towards death, and that which is unthinkable is what will save us and make everything alright. Beginning to eat or feeling happiness again, or any shift in mindset for that matter, and trusting that it is okay is like going into an inversion in yoga, being supported by a limb that isn't strong or isn't used often. However, when we practice it regularly, we build up strength in that limb, until eventually we can be fully supported in that position and know that we can trust ourselves and our bodies. We just need to make that transition, realize that the flip in perspective is okay. Trusting in ourselves and others that it will be okay. 

I hope any of that made sense to you? I feel like it made so much sense in my head especially during the flow, but now typing it out it's harder to be eloquent. But hopefully you got the idea. 

(This is the flow which I got the quote from, a very great one, would recommend.)

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  1. That does make perfect sense. And you couldn't be more right. When you're in recovery, you have to flip your perspective. Honestly, you amaze me. Not in a bad way, but just seeing how far you've come. It's very inspirational. It makes me wonder how far you'll go.
    You're a fighter, and you don't give up. I think that's amazing. Xx