Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lead Heart

I felt so good after the calculus ap test, I think I did really well on it. Such a relief. But then my friend and I walk over to lunch and see him in a suit, she runs over to him and asked how it went, he smiles and says that she said yes. I’m confused and then I remember, prom, fucking prom. And then my heart feels like lead and all my happiness from the test rushes away. He asked someone else today. He didn’t ask me. Why didn’t he ask me. He should have. I guess I’m not even good enough for my best friend of 7 years. Now I can hardly keep from crying.

(text post copied directly from my tumblr, I'm too lazy and upset to actually write another post for this blog)

1 comment:

  1. That's horrible. I can understand how you feel.
    But maybe he didn't ask you because you're just friends and he thinks that since that's all you guys are, then it might be weird to ask you to prom. That's just my interpretations though. Xx