Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An hour later

I'm feeling better about the whole situation now. Still sad of course.. but okay. I'm happy for my friend. I'm happy again that I did well on my exam. I'm happy that now I can allow myself to relax, spend the first day in a long time not having to study for something.

I'm thinking of getting my ears pierced, and I have a crazy idea of doing it today? But I don't know.. seems a bit impulsive.? And the main reason, I'm really scared!!!!!! So I'll definitely let you know if that happens :) and I'm going to try to get to the ice rink to do some skating tonight, I was going on sunday afternoon but then my mum and I were busy focusing on work and decided to go at nighttime instead, and then found out later that there wasn't night skating that day :/ okay, well I just checked to make sure there was skating tonight but it's only till 5, so maybe I'll make it tomorrow night if I can't today? wait darn I have bagpipe rehearsal tomorrow, maybe friday then :/ thinking out loud here haha! Anyhow I'll definitely be trying to get to the ice rink asap!

By the looks of today I'll probably just end up sitting in bed watching series all day! Not too bad of a way to spend time either :)

How are you all doing? Tell me about your day, I feel like hearing about somebody else's life besides my own, mine tends to be either extremely boring or extremely dramatic

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