Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mountain Adventures, LOTR, and Other Things

Hello! It's been a couple days since I've posted? (or has it , I don't actually remember.? haha! I think it has been!).

First off, yesterday at my therapist appointment we talked a lot about agoraphobia. And I pretty much have it confirmed with two therapists that I have it. So that is a big relief to figure something like that out, to know that I'm not crazy. There's other people like me. And I can get better! We're starting to figure out a plan of what my worst symptoms are, and how I'm going to eventually learn to deal with them and not let it bother me. Sounds very not-fun overall.. not necessarily even too anxiety-provoking, but really just dry and boring??? Haha! I say that now.. but maybe I'll bite my tongue on that one later ;) It still just kind of feels like I can never get over it though. Because it's something I've had for basically my entire life. But it sounds so amazing to be free from agoraphobia.. like my life would be so open and so much easier.

Anyways, Enough of that!

The Orchard
I had a very fun weekend, I went to my friend's house on Friday after classes (as I wrote about in my post) and we went out to the mountains behind her house and did a lot of exploring, and went to the orchard as usual. And then it got dark before we had started home, so we had a huge adventure trying to get home through a difficult-to-walk-in mountain forest (with no paths, may I add!) in the dark!! We ended up going down the wrong side of the mountain and had to climb up this extremely steep and slippery hill to the road, where we had to walk for quite a while to get back to her gate, after which of course we had to walk up the steep road to her house. And we had a dog with us.. but thankfully we had rope (smart adventurers as we are!), which we used to make a leash while we were walking on the road, since cars were whizzing by only a couple feet from us (there was hardly a margin at the side of the road!!). And we put the flashes on our iPhones sticking out of our pockets so cars would see us coming (very smart of us we thought! Because of course we bring two types of rope probably over 300 feet in all, but don't think to bring a flashlight -.-).

Sunset while walking home.

Then we had tea and dinner and sat around her house relaxing, exhausted after the super-fun day. We spent a while just sitting and talking, having a nice time relating to each other and such, having serious talks about our anxieties and depression and moods etc. Some tears were shed, but they were much needed tears, and it was a very nice night overall. I ended up sleeping there, and the next day went pretty much the same way! We woke up, had breakfast, made 3 different types of coffee to get all pepp on caffeine. yum yum yum, I'm starting to think I may be getting addicted to coffee???? We did art for a while, and then we set out to the mountains again, adventured for a long time and had a nice day (with less mishaps as the day before!). And then we went back to the house, hung out for a while and ate a bunch, and my mum eventually picked me up.

So that was basically how my very nice weekend went! I have lots of pictures to post, but I'm at the library right now so I can't do that. I have a couple I can get from my instagram web profile which I put above, but I have many many more that aren't on insta :)

Besides all that, I have a serious Lord of the Rings obsession going on right now!! My friend (who I hung out with this weekend) got me hooked on it, and what can I say, I am just plain ADDICTED.

So I'll leave you all with a lovely picture of Legolas, the most absolutely beautiful being ever, who I am absolutely in love with. My friend and I did our hair like him today <3 we're also making hobbit cloaks and all of these other things.. And we've made a few batches of Lembas Bread, the most delicious thing ever!!

How can you not love him <3<3<3

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  1. The sky in the first picture is sooo pretty!!! It sounds like you had a good day at your friends' and i'm so glad to hear it!! ^_^
    Take care. Xxx