Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exhausted and Numb

I'm super tired today.. possibly in part because it took me HOURS to fall asleep last night because of how much my stupid jaw hurt.

It's feeling better today.. or as in, there's not a ton of pain like yesterday. But the muscles are still SUPER swollen and tight, more so than yesterday. And I just want my ice pack to numb it out.. but of course I can't quite do that in a library? haha!

I'm just so tired right now though. And kind of in one of those "fuck it" moods. I'm in a big conflict over whether I should do a bunch of studying now while in the library, or relax and read LOTR/scroll through tumblr instead? But of course, my sensible mind says, I need to do my studying, not let my moods get me behind in school. I'll be far happier with myself if I am studying, and at least just a tiny bit less anxious.

But really just taking a nap sounds like the best thing? Maybe I'll end up doing just that ;)

In other news, it's raining right now! Super happy about that, this winter has just not been winter-ish enough for me. We've had hardly any rain or anything. So that is quite nice, I always love when it rains :)

I'm going to do a photo post in a couple hours, with some photos of where I live and such, where I spend my time. My school, the library, my house, my town. I had the idea and it just sounded kind of fun. So you all can have a little more idea what my life is like? I've just started with taking some pictures for that, so I'll upload that later today (as long as I remember/have time!).

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  1. Rain is amazing!!!
    I'm sorryt o hear about your jaw, TMJ sucks. I can't wait to see the photo shoot, it will for sure be cool!! You're so pretty, by the way!! ^_^