Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree

I got my christmas tree yesterday! It was really fun, and it looks so beautiful in my house :) I'll post pictures in a seperate post as I'm on a library computer right now and all my pictures are on my mobile.

I haven't been on the blog lately, I've been pretty busy the past few days. On Friday I had school, then my usual library time, and then met with my friends before our town's Tree Lighting, which was in the evening as it got dark. It was really fun, my town has this big tree covered in lights for christmas in our plaza, so everybody gathers there and the band plays, there is a man dressed as Santa and horse-drawn carriage rides, glow sticks and snacks being sold, and many families with their small kids dancing around. When the sun goes down, they light up the huge tree for the first time of the holidays, and it stays lit after that until the holidays are over. Quite a fun tradition! After that a group of us had thai food and returned to a friend's house, where we stayed watching scary movies, talking, playing cards, and drinking tea until 11:30 when we thought it was late enough we should probably head home :)

Then on Saturday, I went to lunch and shopping for christmas things with three friends, and then met up with a large group of us that were in the flute section last year for dinner and a night out at a fancy little shopping area near my town, which was SUPER fun! Saturday was pretty great overall.

Sunday I slept in quite a bit! Then mum and I sat around on the couch watching cheesy christmas love movies (aah, can't remember the names now??? I'm so bad with names!). And then we eventually went out to get our tree and decorated it! I had procrastinated on my homework (for once, I absolutely never procrastinate!) so I got to that around 8:30. But around 10, I realized, I had done my homework for the wrong classes!!!! arghhh! So then I had to do a ton of calculus homework. But I didn't stay up too late, I decided to get my sleep instead of finishing it.

Today has been fine so far, I haven't really felt like doing schoolwork (hence the blogging right now :D) and really have just focused on art today. Spending my breaks in the art room and such.

And I have some days of the christmas challegne to make up, so I'll do that now since I don't want to do my work, haha!

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