Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello everybody!

I've been quite exhausted the past couple days.. not really sure about why? I've had a hard time getting to sleep the past two nights. So that's probably it. My head's just been spinning around and around and I haven't fallen asleep till around 1:30. And then I've been late to class in the mornings because I just haven't been able to drag myself out of bed. Wanting another 2 hours of lost sleep. but of course it's just to get to class, get through the day, and finally go home to take a nap or something.. that's sounding quite welcome today?

After school I'm going to a thrift shop in town with two friends, and then i'll go home, shower, and take a nice long nap! I'm not sure about tonight's plans, I may go to dinner with a friend, but I also have a lot of english work to catch up on because I've been putting a bit less effort in school lately. I've just had too much mental crap going on to put energy into school.

I don't know how to describe how I feel though.. just bad. Really bad. Everything's been so hard. I don't know how to put it into words though. Maybe I'll try later. For now I'm too exhausted to try. (I wish it were socially acceptable to take a nap in the library!! hehe. Maybe I'll find some corner and do it anyways ;)

 Hope you're all having good days!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My head is spinning and spinning and my thoughts just won't leave me alone

Monday, December 10, 2012

I think I will try to make a vlog today when I get home! Seeing as I'm in quite a blogging (instead of homework) mood right now :) and maybe I'll update my theme and cover picture as well!


Here's my photos from this weekend! 

Okay, they all got quite out of order when they were uploaded from my mobile to the post? But oh well, you'll just have to figure it out ;D haha! No, I'll put some captions :)

Tree shopping!

Tree lighting

Our tree!

My friends and I after dinner Saturday night

My cat... how tall is this thing???? She's never seen a tree, as we haven't gotten one since we got our cats, and they're indoor cats so they have never seen a tree :D

Tree shopping

A more in-focus picture of our beautiful tree!

Tree shopping

Beautiful sky on tree lighting night

Our tree when we picked it from the tree lot

Tree lighting- the band playing (aka all of my friends deserting me, but a friend's parents adopted me into their group haha).

Non-instagrammed version of me at the tree farm

Dinner on Saturday

Shopping center from saturday night

Saturday dinner

Tree at shopping center again

A wall at the restaurant from Saturday- TRUTH! Supposed to be pointing at the 'you are very pretty', I don't know what sempre means :P
And the one that's cut off.. supposed to say "I always think you are perfect." Kind of an awkward place to get cut off in the picture though???? LOL!

Shopping center

Yes, my friend and I laid down under a christmas tree on Friday.. we're just that cool. (yes, this is gonna become my new facebook cover photo.)

Giant chess board at the shopping centre, there was a supppper cute guy playing chess although you can't see him in the picture, my friends were trying to get me to talk to him and have us start a conversation or something because we would have totally been perfffff together except i'm not brave enough to talk to strangers :D It's hard to see him in this picture though.

Tree shopping

My cats.. what the heck is going on??
Christmas, that's what's going on :) 

Christmas Tree

I got my christmas tree yesterday! It was really fun, and it looks so beautiful in my house :) I'll post pictures in a seperate post as I'm on a library computer right now and all my pictures are on my mobile.

I haven't been on the blog lately, I've been pretty busy the past few days. On Friday I had school, then my usual library time, and then met with my friends before our town's Tree Lighting, which was in the evening as it got dark. It was really fun, my town has this big tree covered in lights for christmas in our plaza, so everybody gathers there and the band plays, there is a man dressed as Santa and horse-drawn carriage rides, glow sticks and snacks being sold, and many families with their small kids dancing around. When the sun goes down, they light up the huge tree for the first time of the holidays, and it stays lit after that until the holidays are over. Quite a fun tradition! After that a group of us had thai food and returned to a friend's house, where we stayed watching scary movies, talking, playing cards, and drinking tea until 11:30 when we thought it was late enough we should probably head home :)

Then on Saturday, I went to lunch and shopping for christmas things with three friends, and then met up with a large group of us that were in the flute section last year for dinner and a night out at a fancy little shopping area near my town, which was SUPER fun! Saturday was pretty great overall.

Sunday I slept in quite a bit! Then mum and I sat around on the couch watching cheesy christmas love movies (aah, can't remember the names now??? I'm so bad with names!). And then we eventually went out to get our tree and decorated it! I had procrastinated on my homework (for once, I absolutely never procrastinate!) so I got to that around 8:30. But around 10, I realized, I had done my homework for the wrong classes!!!! arghhh! So then I had to do a ton of calculus homework. But I didn't stay up too late, I decided to get my sleep instead of finishing it.

Today has been fine so far, I haven't really felt like doing schoolwork (hence the blogging right now :D) and really have just focused on art today. Spending my breaks in the art room and such.

And I have some days of the christmas challegne to make up, so I'll do that now since I don't want to do my work, haha!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I feel like this describes my life perfectly right now..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Challenge #1-5

1. Your favourite christmas movie. 

To be honest I don't really like christmas movies? Haha! I can't even think of one off the top of my head..

2. Your 2012 Christmas Wish List.

Hmm.. well, I would love a Lululemon top to go with my pants and mat :D And I want a polaroid/film camera really badly! Like, any of these, especially the polaroids, I would loveeeee a polaroid :)
But other than that.. I don't really want anything. I want people to give me money to put towards sponsoring a child to go to school in Nepal (something I stillllll haven't written a post about, I have no clue how I haven't yet because it's one of the most major important things in my life at the moment, one of my main focuses! You'll hear about it all soon, remind me to post about it!). So yeah, I would love for people to give me like $20 or something instead of a present. Because.. well I'll get into all my rambling about this in another post, i'm serious I could take up a few pages writing about this. So I'll save that for later :)

3. When/how did you learn that Santa was not real?

Sometime in middle school I think? I don't really know. I just kind of realized that none of that make-believe kid stuff was real. Like that my stuffed animals couldn't actually talk, and there was no santa/easter bunny/anything like that, just a part of growing up.

4. Favourite Christmas song

That's a really hard question, I've never really thought about it! Maybe Sleigh Ride :) And for a more classic 'christmas carol', I suppose Angels We Have Heard On High.

5. Best gift you've ever received. 

Aah I honestly have no idea? lol! I don't really remember what christmas gifts I've gotten! I suppose, I was very excited when I got my first iPod back in middle school? Haha! I don't think that's the best, but it was definitely a great one. I can't really remember a specific best, now that I think of it I actually can't remember what any of my christmas presents have been!


Hi all!

I am just absolutely full of christmas pepp right now!!! anyone else super excited for the holidays?????? BECAUSE I SURE AM! :)

And that's when I saw Izzy posting about the 25 Day Christmas Challenge, I absolutely had to do it as well :)

So you can look forward to this until Christmas :)