Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Challenge

Izzy posted a 20 Day blog list on her lovely blog http://living-with-anorexia.blogspot.com/, I think I'll do the same challenge as well, just for a little fun distraction every day, something interesting to write about :)

Day 1 - Three things you do not know about me.
Day 2 - Blog favorites.
Day 3 - A song with many memories.
Day 4 - This is how i fix myself for a regular school day.
Day 5 - A picture of a time you miss.
Day 6 - A recent picture of you.
Day 7 - this is I want.
Day 8 - This is how I am as a person.
Day 9 - My favorite band / favorite artists
Day 10 - Something I will never forget.
Day 11 - A picture of me and a friend.
Day 12 - A picture that makes me happy.
Day 13 - My interests.
Day 14 - My bad habits.
Day 15 - A picture of me and someone I love.
Day 16 - The language I speak fluently
Day 17 - A picture of my handwriting.
Day 18 - Best pastime.
Day 19 - Best music video.
Day 20 - Ten things I want to do before I die.


  1. I know this is off topic, but I thought otherwise you might not get my reply;) So...

    No problem about the commenting on an older post:) I love getting comments on whatever posts...:) So feel free to post on any post whenever you want :D And of course it's ok to post whenever you feel like it...I mean when you keep a blog you shouldn't feel obliged to post regularily as it's YOUR blog where YOU decide when you're going to post...And finally it's great to hear that you're busy doing other things (sure, if 'busy' means that you're totally stressed and are struggling it's not so good, but if it's busy as in you're doing many other things that distract you from ana or depression then it's great and I'm happy for you!!:)

    Haha awww gosh that's really cool you get Mannerschnitten in that one sweets shop!!! :) I suppose otherwise they are rather rare in the U.S. - are they very expensive then? It makes me really happy to hear that you tried them and liked them as well :) We also got this one shop (in Vienna) where I get all the American and of course British foods hehe;) There are some Indian shops as well where they sell some British foods but otherwise they are hard to get, as are U.S. ones!! :)

    Hope you're doing well!! I read your most recent posts...seems like there's some stuff going on that's really troubling you... but I'm so happy you're open about it. Talking about it. Really, opening up about the thoughts, memories that are troubling and scaring you is the first major step of fighting them! I'm so proud of you, I really am - you're a strong person, I mean it!!!:)

    Also I love hearing that you're up to doing stuff with your friends, you're living your life, that's good!! :) Everything else....well it takes an awful lot of time. I get to hear this constantly from therapists, my psychatrist, others that are revocered ... and I'm sure you do as well;)...but well it's simply true, recovery requires PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE. And we'll get there. Eventually. We just need to deal with a couple mental crap first....but the most important thing is that we don't give up and keep on fighting to make the bad things go away and shut them out of our lives!!:)

    And I love that you're doing a blog challenge as well now - maybe I should do one as well, it's fun??:D

    All the best -xxx

  2. Hello Anja ! :)

    I just found your blog and it's great ! I try to search people who have/has the same problem as me. I'm fighting with anorexia. I think fighting together makes us easier. Share thoughts, experiences and whatever we want. However I'm anorexic i started the way to recover and being healthy again !! Would you like to stay touch with me ? I'm blogging too, here is my blog if you are interested in it.:


    Best whises ! And don't forget: YOU ARE STRONG !!!! :)