Saturday, June 30, 2012

Up and down day


I have had quite an up and down day. It started out quite bad as you know from my earlier post. And then it got worse, I forgot the main part of my lunch at my house (we bring all our own food to program, but there's also lots of food there we can use). And I realized this on the highway when it was too late to turn back for it. Plus j hadn't even had my snack, Usch. On top of all that it was laundry day so I had on a completely ridiculous outfit of whatever I could find that wasn't dirty.

But then I got to program, told my nutritionist about the horrible morning, she told me everything's fine, well work something out for lunch out of the stuff that's there (because there's plenty). And we just went in and did yoga, one other person was there for the class. It turned out to be really nice an good even if I wasn't in the mood for it and had a bad mornig, it made everything seem so much better, put me into a good mood and relaxed.

We has a great day at program today, the three of us there were all doing good that day. We had a nice lunch, no freakouts, we all did really well. And the rest of the time we were having a ton of fun, hanging out and talking an being weird :) making up songs and dances and such, getting into silly shenanigans! It was overall a very fun positive day.

Then mum and I went to H&M and Ella to get gift cards for two friends birthdays this weekend. It was overall a very bad experience, put me in a bad place.. I don't really want to talk about it, basically me trying on some things like a bunch of yoga pants and just seeing fat fat fat. It was really bad. But I got past that bad mood and am feeling better now, I've spent the night chatting with some friends and watching the olympic gymnastic trials!!

Who's excited for the 2012 London Olympics??? :)

Well that's all I'll write for now, I'm onmy mobile and my hand is starting I cramp up, haha! Goodnight! Hope your doing well!

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