Tuesday, June 5, 2012

two quick funny stories and one update

so I have two fast funny stories for you of things that happened today!

first.. well this one is really awkward, so there is nowhere else that I can write it except my blog of course ;) and i'm sure we all have some awkward ED doctor visit story or another.. :) well anyways, (okay this is really awkward lol don't judge me) at my appointments I always have to do the urine sample thing so that they can check the hormone/electrolyte/whatever other levels of stuff. And i'm always kind of anxious about it, like timing out when I use the bathroom and drink things earlier in the day to make sure I have to use the restroom when I get there because for some reason i'm always really worried about, what would happen if i just don't have to go? LOL. So I was worrying about this all day. And ended up pretty much chugging a vitamin water in the car on the way there. And finally when I got into the office, then it was like, okay I have to go now. So it was fine. But then I forgot to pee in the cup when i went in -.- i mean i had it with me.. but i don't know.. i just forgot? LOL. So there's my suuuuper awkward story for the day.  oh and also during english class i accidentally typed my prezi password on the projector screen in front of the whole class.. yeah that was really awkward and embarrassing also. -.- wow what is this.

and now i'll talk about the update because it relates to the second story. so basically this summer i'm not doing that stats class anymore, i'm going to be doing some kind of inpatient program at one of two ED treatment centers in my area. next monday we're touring one of them, the other we haven't set up the day for the tour yet but it will probably be the same day. and then we'll choose which one i'll be going to. i'll start out with going 5 days (mon-fri) for a few weeks, and then possibly try out going 4 or 3 days and seeing how it goes, keeping it at that if it works out or going back to 5 if it doesn't. So i'll talk more about that when i get more information, right now we don't really know much about it yet though.

second funny story now.. i was texting with my friend Z who knows about my ED, he is taking the stats class that I was going to take, so today i told him that i wasn't taking it after all. and when i told him why, i said that i was doing an inpatients program at a recovery center. and his response was, "impatience program? but you're a very calm and patient person.." LOL. lol. lol. I thought that was hilarious :) and then i explained to him what it was and stuff and i think he felt stupid, haha.

Well there's my funny stories for the day!! :) now time to practice writing my free response answers two more times before going to sleep :) goodnight!

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  1. LOL! Aha you're friend is so funny! Thats the exact kinda thing I would say!
    So proud of you for choosing to do the treatment program! Literally thats such a great step, now you know you definitely will recover :). So happy for you beautiful! Ox