Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thursday and Friday

Hello! :)

Well I guess there are many updates to be done from Thursday and Friday, so here goes!


Hmm I don't remember much from this day. Went to school in the morning.. we didn't really do much in school. But I really didn't want to eat, at all. It was so hard getting in snack. I didn't finish it, only had half of my bar. And Darin made me promise that I could not eat the full bar, but I would have to eat my entire lunch. Which guess what? I didn't do. I had all my vegetables, but less than half of my sandwich. :/

The products of my OCD :) haha
Left my last class (maths) early to get to the psychiatrist appointment. The appointment went well. I was kind of nervous for it. But I really liked her. I just went in and she asked me a bunch of questions, told my whole story and lots of stuff about myself. And then she talked to my mum. (me sitting out in the waiting room watching people come in and out. and I arranged the magazines on the table because they were messy and it was annoying me.. lol ocd much?). Then we were supposed to all talk together but there wasn't time. Next week I'm going to start taking antidepressants. I don't remember what it's called that they're having me take. But yeah. I'm really scared about it. Maybe it will help though.

That night I talked to E, we sorted everything out so that's really good. Things are fine between us again now :)

Then I stayed up till 1:40 reading a book that I had to finish for Monday actually but my teacher let me take more time for it because I've had just appointment after appointment, lots going on. And besides just that i've been having a really hard time lately. And he knows that, he is really flexible with me turning in my work and such which is really nice. He just wants to help me, do whatever he can to make things a little easier on me. And I'm actually taking a class from him again next year (i'm actually taking it only because he's teaching it, haha! he's my favourite teacher. The class is multimedia journalism, something I probably wouldn't go for otherwise? my counsellor was going through the list of classes I could take instead of PE since I can't do that next year, and when she said this class taught by this teacher I was like, okay i'll do that! but it seems really interesting, i'm excited for it!). Anyways my point was that I'm not really at the place I usually am as a student right now. And I'm happy to be taking a class from this teacher again next year so I have another chance to do well, I mean he knows I'm a great student but I feel like I haven't been as good lately so I can make it up to him next year :)

Okay that went on for a bit. Moving on.. :)


Friday morning was pretty stressful. I had a bunch to do in a short period of time. First class was Japanese, stressing about all the stuff we have to learn/projects to complete before Wednesday. Then at study period, I basically had 4 places I needed to be all at the same time.. hmm stressful much? First was the yearbooks being passed out on the front lawn. Which let me tell you is no calm matter. Imagine 1,500 students swarming out of buildings onto a lawn to line up in front of 8 tables for different sections of the alphabet.. yeah. It's absolute craziness. So my friend and I left our backpacks in Japanese and basically sprinted out to the lawn the second the bell rang (thankfully we're the classroom on the ground floor closest to the door that goes out to the lawn! very convenient!) and were able to get to the tables before there were too big of lines. Still took about 10 minutes of waiting though. And yes, I did sprint, and boy did it freaking feel amazing. I know I shouldn't have.. but it was only like 100 meters, probably even less. And i'm fine, like nothing bad happened. Dang it felt good sprinting.

Anyways :) After getting my yearbook I went to talk with my english teacher about Never Let Me Go that I had finished the night before. And then I went to have my snack in the office (yes, I had my entire bar yesterday!! :) success!) And Darin was busy during study period but I got called out of Psychology to talk with her, for the last time this year probably :((( but we're definitely going to see each other next week, at least just for a couple minutes to say goodbye before summer starts (she made me promise, haha, she's really sad about not getting to see me anymore either- apparently she really likes talking to me!). But after talking with her, then the list of things I had to do all at the same time was done (there was also chem to finish.. but I decided to just let that go :)) So the rest of the day was actually really awesome! I decided, you know what, today is going to be an awesome day. The rest of school was pretty much a flurry of yearbook signing, talking with friends, spending time out in the sun, and studying for finals :) it was really nice.

^^chem group.. hehe you can see all the study materials. but what you can't see is the yearbooks surrounding it all on the table :) what we were actually paying attention to!

And after school some friends and I went out for pearl milk tea, our last time of the year! It's something me and a group of us do all the time, and it's super fun, we have such good times together. But now two in the group are graduating and next year just won't be the same with out them :( so we made sure this trip was super fun. the 7 of us got into two cars and drove to this really nice shopping centrum place, I absolutely love it there it's one of my favourite places in the area. Everything's really fancy and nice, it's kind of modelled after what european cities are like, with the tall buildings and old streets, it just kind of has that look.. except it's totally fake looking, but oh well, it's still really fun :) it's a really nice place to go and spend time. So that was really fun :) except we almost got killed by a truck on the highway it was super terrifying.. like seriously we were soooo close to getting crushed. Because these two exits were merging into one lane and we were coming from one, this huge industrial dirt truck thing was coming from the other and we were both going really fast, and how it was going we would basically be merging into the middle of the truck.. yeah not so good. And we couldn't slow to go behind it, because traffic was moving fast and the cars behind would have run into us, so we had so press on the gas to speed in front of it before it killed us. My friend driving was thouroughly shaken by it, she isn't super experienced. She's a really good driver, really safe, but there's just things that happen like that which are a first when you've only been driving a year and a half or so, and it just has to happen when she has a carfull of her friends.. it was okay though, we ended up fine :)

Hehe okay lots of random stories.

That night I had orchestra rehearsal, which was pretty fun. And then I was just exhausted after the long week once orchestra was done. I had to sit out in the freezing cold (okay it went from unbearably heavy heat to freezing cold in one day.. -.-) for about 10 mins waiting for my dad to pick me up. And I took a billion random pictures on my itouch ahhaha heres a few:

yup I got pretty bored! haha and the lighting is so weird.. because of the orange outdoor lights. 

Well that's how my past two days have gone :) haha if anyone actually bothered to read all that.. ;) now i'll write a post on today!

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