Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pictures from the last week of school!

Finally i've gotten around to sorting through last week's photos, here they are (yay!).

Me and some friends

With S

Another of my friends that just graduated!

Got froyo after school with S on the second to last day and also with a bigger group on the last day :) this is the one with S. 

Outfit on the second to last day:  (lol sorry for lots of awkward pictures.......)

Also if you remember me saying... i cut my hair! Decided to have some side bangs and felt like a little change, so I grabbed some scissors and cut them! :) haha

(don't mind suuuuper messy room in the background)

Dress on the last day: (i apologize for bad pictures, my mirror is kinda dirty, i need to clean it :s)

^see the new bangs :D and also I curled part of my hair!! It only stayed in for about half an hour though, I didn't give the curling enough time to get hot enough to be effective..

Me and another friend :)

After school on the last day we had a band rehearsal for graduation... really?? on the last day? :/ but we had about an hour beforehand so me and a group went in town to have froyo (planned on sushi but there wasn't time). 

And now for Friday, the day after school ended- graduation! I had to be there for rehearsal because of band from 8-11:30ish, but it's okay because it was really fun :)

My school is so pretty!! this is the front lawn.. setting up all the chairs and stuff, people already claiming seats (it's super competitive!! if you don't hire somebody to hold your seats for you the entire day, or sit there yourself, well you aren't getting a seat. unless of course you're playing in the band ;))

After rehearsal we went to a Japanese restaurant downtown that we go to all the time, it's really really yummy. 

Miso soup just has to be the absolutely most delicious thing that exists.. seriously.. :)

Yum! Teriyaki salmon, rice, tempura (only had a bit of the tempura though.)

Then S came over to my house until we were back that night for actual graduation!

Wow, so many people!

Where all the graduates sit

Yay! They're officially done with high school! (nooo my friends are leaving me :(. but it's okay we'll still hang out a ton, and they'll have so many fun adventures at university!). 

So there you have it, my much-awaited (no probably not :P) photos from the last week of school :)

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  1. congrats on finishing school! I hope you're enjoying your summer vacation :) nice bangs :D I hope you're doing well!