Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last two exams are tomorrow.. maths and chem, my two hard ones >.< but i'm hoping they go well. japanese went great today, i'll be extremely surprised if I didn't get 100% :)

today was a good day, almost done with school! basically.. japnese exam, psych class (boring but yay last one! and she was telling us all these disturbing things about like psychopaths/sociopaths.. i'm now scarred from that class), stood out in the sun talking with some friends, got sunburned from 15 minutes on my feet and shoulders wow i burn so easily and now i'm getting a slight sun rash also ugh such sensitive fair skin, lunch/froyo with S which was fun, came home and took a bunch of photos which i'll post tomorrow, lay in bed for a few minutes to rest and watched a couple series from last night that i missed because of studying (pretty little liars summer premier!!), been studying the rest of the night pretty much. That's about it. Wore a super cute outfit today, as I said pics will be posted tomorrow when i'm not swamped with stuff to do.

last day of school tomorrow, wearing a dress, it's really cute!! bringing my camera to school for last-day pictures, we have to get up early so we can stop by the store to get some batteries on the way to school because my camera is out of battery power. then taking finals at school, spending time with friends and getting last yearbook signatures in. talking to Darin for a few minutes after school, which will be nice, then meeting up with some friends for lunch and then we have rehearsal at 1:30 for playing at graduation which is on friday. and afterwards maybe i'll come home with S or something :) so tomorrow should be a great fun day!!

oh and i cut my bangs today!! it's not really that noticeable, or at least not with my hair down, but hair up it looks really cute! side bangs, not short kinda long but it looks really nice with my hair up. yeah pictures will be posted tomorrow, look forward to it ;) hehe.

hope you're all doing well, enjoying the beginnings of summer and spending some time in the sun if you're on break yet! :)

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