Sunday, June 3, 2012

Japanese Market with S (Part 1)

Today I went to a Japanese Market with my friend S :) it was actually like a whole Japanese shopping centre so we went to some other shops as well. We had a TON of fun!! But instead of talking about it i'll just post my pictures :)

There's a ton of photos so I'm going to make it two parts so I don't crash your web page or something, haha..

Get ready for lots of strange weird things :)


We tried to figure out what those little diagrams mean for a long time.. and we have absolutely no clue.. ummmm?? 

Hehe we were wondering what this is.. みずあめ means water candy. and we were like ummm. but then we looked on the back, and under Ingreedients the only thing it said was Corn Syrup.. lol it makes sense now :)


hahahahaha. these are like plastic clothespins.. interesting name though. "New Color message: the starting point of pleasure." ummm? they're just clothespins?

To be continued in Japanese Market Part 2!! :)

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  1. haha. the things are so different!! asnt like understand what they are?? have you ever had sushi? its really good!!!