Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am officially done with school!!

Hi readers, it is now officially summer for me!!! Just finished my chemistry final a few minutes ago, now sitting in class for the last 20 minutes going on the Internet and listening to my new addiction, The Fratellis on pandora on my mobile. :)

After school I'll drop by to say hi to Darin and bye for the summer. And then go out for a bite to eat with some friends before our 1:30 graduation band rehearsal :) after that maybe I'll get in S's car, just go to her house haha :) in fact, it is very likely that I will!! :)

Wearing a really cute dress right now. School is over, no more stress, the sun is shining, I'm listening too good music and am soon to see Darin and my friends- everything's good :)

Starting with the antidepressants on Sunday.. I'm kinda scared of them, but hopefully they'll help me! And if they don't we can just try something else! My summers sorted out, and I'm happy with my decision, I think it will help me. I'm on the path to recovery- feeling really optimistic right now, I don't see it at the moment but someday things will get better!! And that's what keeps me going :)


  1. You must be glad school is finally over? :) I dont finish until next Wednesday :/
    Ohh.. post a picture of your dress?!! :) Sounds like a good day!!! Enjoy yourself!!

    You've made a good decision!! And you're doing well, making that choice!! Things will get better, i mean you've read my blog and supported me, you know its possible to go from absalute zero, to living life adn enjoying it... most days!! :)
    You can recover aswell!

    I've never had anti-depressants, my mum didnt want me to take any extra medication... so i dont know if it works... but i hope it does. It might make things a little easier!!! :)

    Hope you havea great time!!! :)

  2. So proud of you anja!!
    About the anti-depressants I'm sure they will help, they did help me a lot. I would say just be weary in the first few weeks like you might feel a bit lower, but trust me its so worth it.
    How are you celebrating the end of school?
    love ali Ox