Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey there!

I had a pretty good day today :) lots of fun!

I'm so completely exhausted from this long hard week now though. (and also if i'm remembering correctly i went to bed at 1:40 last night.. hmm.)

So i'll write about thursday and today tomorrow when i have free time to just relax.

I'll have the morning free. Then S and I are meeting and we're going to this japanese market, and then we're going to her house to have a japanese study-sesh for final exams next week (and possibly study maths and chem also, but mainly japanese since our teacher is horrible and we basically have to teach ourselves half the things on the study guide, since we didn't have time to cover it during the year -.-).

Tomorrow should be a pretty fun day :) we're planning on taking lots of pictures at the market.! and it will be really fun at the market to talk to people in japanese.. because it's really different when you're learning a language in a classroom, compared with when you speak it with someone in real life situations! So much cooler in real life, because then it's not just memorization and such, it's that the words take on actual meanings. They don't represent words in english, they represent whatever the object/idea that they mean, because that's how the other person thinks of it! And also to be able to talk so somebody who doesn't speak english, being able to get across your meaning to them even if you don't know quite the right words to use. It's a really cool feeling :)

Anyways. That's what's going on tomorrow! I'll post more tomorrow about everything the past few days, promise :) and sorry for not commenting on anybody's blogs in a while, been kinda preoccupied lately if you can tell hehe :)

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  1. Hey!!!:) Sounds really good about the Japanese market!! i hope you have a good time!
    how are things going in school?:)

    Haha. the vlogs are fun.. but its weird cus your just sitting there infront of a camera and its weird cus i have so many readers but i don't really know who they are... but they're like watching a video of me?:)
    i think im going to talk to my friend... i mean she know about my past and that!!

    thank you for commenting!! :)