Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First day of program!

Hello all!

Wow, posting two days in a row, amazing! :)

So today was the first day of my inpatient program. I'm doing half day, so basically I go there every day from 12-3:30.

And I am happy to say that it was actually really nice! I'm SO glad that I decided to go, I think it's going to help me a lot. The other people there were great, I really liked them, and the staff is awesome. It was kind of weird being around other girls going through the same things as me, but also really good at the same time. I've never really been with other people that have ed's, talked to people like me, and it was SO nice being with others that have the same problems as me, going through the same things. Wow. So amazing to realize that I'm not alone, there's people that understand, that have the same problems. I mean, yes there's blogging and that helps a ton, but it's different talking about it out loud, face to face and meeting other girls in real life that are the same as you. They're all really nice and welcoming, and everybody's so supportive of each other. There's two other girls that are also teenagers, I think i'm the youngest though but not by too much I don't think, and a girl in her twenties that were there today. We had lunch all together, then goal setting group, then snack. Still kind of trying to get used to how everything works, it's all so new. But I really like it there, it's a great place.

Okay, there you go, big long messy stream of thoughts about my first day :) hope it wasn't too disjointed haha!

Well that's all I'm writing today, i'm exhausted from a long full day and I'm going to get some sleep. Tomorrow is to the doctor in the morning, then program, then possibly swimming with a friend (if the doctor okays it.. i'm seriously doubting it though .__.) or going to S's house. And if I don't go to S's tomorrow then it will probably be wednesday or something.

Hoping things go well at the doctor tomorrow :s and i'm looking forward to second day at program!

Oh and I could start up a whole huge rant about the insurance system and such.. but right now i'm exhausted and think it would do me better to get some sleep, I guess we'll save that (probably boring to read) rant for another day :)

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  1. Im so glad that you've started with the program!! Im sure this will help you loads, and your so positive about it!! Thats really good!

    Its both a good thing and a bad thing to be around others with an ED when you have one yourself... but i've made quite a few friends from Mando, and im still in contact with them.. its just that it can get hard to keep in contact if one if sick, and the other one is trying to recover... if your different stages. But its also good because you can motivate each other to recover..

    I hope things work now, that they get better!! :)

    Keep strong! :)