Friday, June 8, 2012

Exhausted but relieved!

It's so nice being out of school, so much relief :) it was a very nice day today. Took my last exams and then after school it was relaxing time! :) went downtown with a group of friends (yes a walk!! Hehe mum approved it) were going to go for sushi but it was too crowded so we got froyo. Then we had band practice for graduation, after that I went to S's house (around 3:30) and stayed till 8! Had fun sitting on the couch watching series and napping :) and we played a couple rounds of Mario kart, oh my gosh I am so absolutely horrible at that game!!! Overall a really nice fun day :)

Lying in bed on my mobile listening to music, but I'm going to sleep now, just wanted to write a quick post. Pictures will be tomorrow or Saturday. Darn I have to be at the school at 8am for graduation rehearsal. But it should be fun I mean it's hanging out with my friends basically :) an after rehearsal were going for sushi. Graduation later in the day, then orchestra rehearsal.

Lots of kinda conflicting thoughts in my head right now.. Bad things, wanting to work themselves back in. Just trying to hold onto this good summer feeling while I can!! :) goodnight!

Also.. Hehe it seems like everybody is doing vlogs all of a sudden. Not to go with the trend or anything, but what would you guys think if I did a vlog? Seems like it might be fun? :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great day :). Froyo is the best! Just keep ignoring the thoughts, so proud of you girlie! Have fun at graduation! Cant wait to hear all about it :). & definitely do a blog, they're so fun! Ox

  2. Im so glad you had a good day!! :) FroYo is so good!! Yummm!
    BTW i suck at Mario kart aswell... aha!! :)

    Vlogs are fun.. weird. But fun.. its up to you if you want to do one! It kinda feels like i started teh trend though... its cool though!! :)
    I hope you have a good graduation!! Enjoy yourself, remember to think positive.. dont let the negative thoughts in... :)

  3. Wohooo....graduation ahead - this is sooo amazing!!!:) Life after school gets so exciting, trust me, sure it's new and maybe strange at first - and not as fixed and 'safe' as being a student at school but exciting!! Because you're finally going out there into the world and choosing what YOU want to with your life/doing what you really enjoy...ahhh I'm blabbing along again...I'm so talkative lately??;) Must be the meds^^

    I saw in your previous posts that you're getting antideppresants...I've been taking them for a month or so now...I was sooo scared...!! But it's no use, really, first it's okay to get some 'medical' support for our 'little mental problems':S, second I think if you don't believe into those hundreds of stupid side-effects and not concentrate on them that is but believe that the meds will only help you they will!!
    I was so scared of gaining weight with them but I didn't at all and my sleep is amazing and I'm more 'relaxed' - at least more often, not soooo many mood swings...:)

    Ushhh....yeah...I know exactly what you mean by having a great day and then byebye happy feeling - hello depression/everything's f***** up/I-feel-horrible - feeling...:/ It's so typical for depression I think...and it's completely okay, I have it all the time too!! It'll become less the better we get...besides, being happy can be exhausting (yes really!!^^) at least for someone who is used to the opposite...

    Vlogs...hmm... nice to watch I think but not my thing - I'm scared of cameras haha:D photos yes - but videos...hmm...not so much my thing - yet, because this depends on self-confidence I think!!!:)

    Okay and now I wrote a really long comment...more an email?? so there you have my reply to your email haha;D Nooo...course not, you'll get a proper answer asap like I said!!

    Have a nice day tdy and always keep your head held high - you're a unique person with so many talents and will get out of this mess and those happy days will become more!!:)