Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesome concert!

Today my entire day was devoted to my orchestra concert!!

It was SUUUPER amazing!!! We played this extremely fancy venue that I go to watch famous professional orchestras a lot, it's so nice, and was so awesomely amazing to see the backstage and all. Whoa. I could just go on and on about it but I wouldn't want to bore you.. :)

The music itself was SO amazing to preform. We sounded great. It was overall a really astounding (used the thesaurus here!) experience.

And one of the things that made it so great also was that a lot of people came to watch and support me which was amazing :) my mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, and friend S all came together. And another family that we're really close with came, there's two girls who are twins the same age as me and their mum and dad, we've all been friends for 9 years now! So it was so completely awesome having them all there to watch me. I was so proud to show them what we'd been working so hard on, the great product of all those hours every friday night spent at rehearsal :) It's so fun preforming with orchestra. Getting to show people something you love, if there's some piece that you really love or something, sharing it with other people is just such an amazing feeling.

And S even brought me flowers :)

So that's what today's been, I was at the theatre from 11am till 7pm today :) and consequently eating has kind of gone completely out the window. But oh well. Can't do things right all the time.. i mean sometimes life just gets in the way.

Tomorrow we'll be taking tours of the two ED treatment centre places. So i'll definitely post about how that goes. And hopeuflly also finally have time and energy to post the pictures and such from this week.. no promises though, heheh :)

Hope you're all doing well! Goodnight, time for me to FINALLY be able to fall into my bed exhausted from this busy day :)

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  1. Awwww....yay!!! Sounds like you had an AMAZING day, I'm so happy for you:)) Isn't it great how pleasurable and fun life can actually be...?;) There should be more of those days...

    I admire it so much if someone has a hobby they're really good at and passionate about - you definitely should do something involving music after you've finished school!!

    So nice of your friends and family to support you at the concert!! I hope you'll keep today's lovely experience locked in your heart so that you can bring it to your mind whenever you're feeling down or lonely... or like nothing makes any sense anymore...because it does after all:)

    <3 Rose