Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tired tired tired...

Sorry guys but i'm completely exhausted right now and still have a ton of work to finish that i'm stressing over so I really don't have time/energy for posting right now.

But basically I went to the psychiatrist today and they're putting me on antidepressants, i'm starting next weekend (after all my final exams are over haha). And i'm completely terrified of them. If I start talking about why and stuff right now I'll just start talking and talking and talking though, and that would not help my work getting done one bit now would it :)

I really like the psychiatrist though, she's super nice and I liked talking to her a lot.

Other important thing that happened today.. I talked to my best friend E, and we got things sorted out between us! That was really good. It's nice to have that sorted out. Doesn't really make anything feel better though.. like really right now I have so much on my mind that having that stuff cleared up in a way makes it even worse because then I'm just left with everything on the inside, which is horrible. I don't know, i'm bad at explaining myself right now.. as I said before. Can't start getting talking or else I won't stop.

Much more will (hopefully) be written tomorrow!

Until then.. don't forget to keep on smiling :) don't give up the fight against ED, even though it seems impossible at times (like right now..). Just keep going. We'll all make it through someday, somehow, we just have to hold on to whatever tiny bits of hope we can find, no matter how small. 

^^little piece of wisdom from a fish :)

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