Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sitting on the front lawn of my school, crying. Feeling completely alone. There's nobody to talk to right now.

Horrible day. I feel like total crap right now.

Talked to Darin in the morning instead of going to first class. That was good. She's worried about me and told me to try to get through my other classes and come back in after school to see how i'm feeling and if anything needs to be done. She made me promise many times to come in and said if I didn't, she'd call anybody she could to try to figure out where I am and even come to my house to talk to me if she couldn't find me.

Got through the rest of the day. And came in after school but she was in a meeting or something. And shes been in in it for 45 minutes now, the office person (shes really really great) told me that I didn't have to sit there anymore, she would tell Darin I was there and I would go in tomorrow.

Now I'm feeling absolutely horrible, completely alone. Nobody to talk to. S just flew across the country. No friends anywhere. I can't even talk to my parents right now, they're super bush with work and won't be home till late. I think I'll go check if the meeting is done one more time now before I take the 3:15 bus home.

I feel so horrible right now. I just want to end everything.

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  1. You can get through this! What's made you so upset? did something happen at school? Please don't feel like you're alone! just text any of your friends, call your parents! I know they're busy but I'm sure they would have 10 minutes to help cheer you up <3. Another thing I try & do when I'm sad is go into town & go shopping :) treat yourself with some new clothes or make-up. Trust me its a lot better than going to sit alone at home. Just keep yourself busy, You're fighting really hard, & you will get through this!! Love ali Ox