Sunday, May 27, 2012


Been getting a lot more pageviews recently, so i'm going to make a question post! If anybody has anything they're wondering, doesn't have to be related to ED it could be something totally random that you want to know.. ask away!! :) and I'll answer in a post sometime in the next couple days! and you can comment anonymously on my blog, no information or anything needed.. so don't be shy, haha, I will have no clue who you are if you don't want me to know! :)

And also I was just wondering.. who reads my blog? how did you find it? And is there anything you think would make it better.. like I know I haven't been good about posting the past few days, but in general, things that could be better about how I write, things you would like me to write more about. anything that you think would improve my blog, or that you would be interested in hearing more of? (besides the obvious actually posting more often and posting more pictures!! ;)) 

Looking forward to hearing your questions/comments! (if I get any :))


  1. Hi!!
    I'm sorry i havent commented in a while.. been so busy, and of course my computer broke... -.- so im sneakily using my sisters!! haha
    How are things going for you? (havent read your previous posts yet... But im going to now!! :D)

    And a few questions :):

    When do you finish school?
    Do you have any plans for summer?
    Whats your favourite thing to do? i.e hobbies?

    How did your parents find out about your anorexia?
    What food is easiest to eat?
    What food is your favourite? (Not Anas)

    Hope you've had a good weekend! :)

  2. What are your ambitions in life?
    Whats the most important thing to you?
    What motivates you to recover?
    Do you have any fear foods?
    What's your biggest fear? (ana related or not)

    What's your favourite tv program?
    What type of music do you like?
    How old are you?
    Love all of izzy's questions!
    Hope your well, ali Ox

  3. Hi Anja! :)
    I found your blog through Izzy´s blogg I think. And once I started reading it I was hooked. I do think you take time to write like every day and love seeing pictures, quite bad at that myself ;) . And I like how honest your are, really writing how hard it is and how much time it takes to eat. Makes me feel less lonely.
    I can´t really think of anything that can get better on your blog ;), I know blogging makes me feel better but don´t feel like you have to do, take time to relax considering all your school work and so. Don´t stop blogging never ever just take time to listen to what you want! <3
    Okey some questions ;) :
    What are your goals in life?
    What dreams do you have?
    What gives you hope to keep going?
    Any tips on how to deal with anxiety?
    Like Ali asked, Do you have any fear foods?
    Do you have any sisters or brothers?
    How has your family taken this that you have anorexia, have they yelled or been supportive?
    How have your friends reacted? Have you lost any?
    Have you ever been bullied in school?
    Are you close to your goal weight to get declared healthy?
    What do you do to try and cheer yourself up when having a bad day?
    Any good recovery blogs that you can tips us about?
    How do you do to not let Ana win, like at meal times on so?
    Do you have something special that you really wanna do when you are recovered but can´t at the moment?
    What do you do to feel beautiful and good about yourself despite what Ana says about you?
    A lot of questions, sorry but had so much to ask! ;)
    Maybe I will comment again if I come up with another question! ;)
    Keep fighting! <3 Hope you will have a better week and that it will go better with the food!
    Many hugs! <3

  4. Heyy..
    I'm one of those new followers to your blog, which i found through Izzy's blog which i also recently following.
    I like how open you are able to be about ana and your fight. I'm from NZ, so love following your blog and feeling I can relate (also recovering from ana) yet can be worlds apart and living our own lives.
    Some questions:
    What to do you want to do when you leave high school? I left high school 3 years ago and am studying law, I love it!
    Do you have any favourite quotes?
    What do you find always cheers you up?

    Stay strong,
    Kate x