Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Made a dish with polenta tonight- first time cooking with it! It was really good.

^^pan-cooked in olive oil and garlic

^^topped with chicken, bruschetta (did i spell that right? hmm) and mozzarella cheese with some herb stuff on top, can't remember what kind of herb haha they're all just green stuff to me :)
and mine is the one without bruschetta, i can't stand tomatoes :)

^^baked in the oven for a little while. or maybe we broiled it. hmm. again, i'm not the cook here, mum did all the cooking and i was just taking the pictures haha. I'm a terrible cook.. i even make instant noodles badly. I don't know how that's possible but I do. It takes skill ;)
I'm good at baking though!! 

Tomorrow is school :/ merr gonna be a boring day. But maybe i'll get a chance to work on answering the questions, i've worked on the post a little today but not as much as i had hoped. but tomorrow i'll get a bunch done :) and I don't have to go to the clinic tomorrow as i usually do on tuesdays, I had done well last week so the doctor cleared me for two weeks. Last time I had two weeks it went really badly. but this time I'm hoping it will go well? it has so far at least.. or actually, no, i just remembered last week eating went terribly -.- well i guess we'll just have to see what happens this week! I have group tomorrow.. no more seeing my current therapist though, yay!! Nutritionist on wednesday, and also this honor scholar award ceremony thing. And I won't be able to see Darin until thursday because of the award ceremony during study period, unless maybe i'll see her during lunch or something.. :/ she and my mum are meeting on Friday. And i think i'll talk to her on friday also. because thurs and friday are pretty much the only two days left i have to see her before summer since next week is final exams. she says that we'll still be in touch over summer though, especially the first few weeks since i'm going into summer not even having a therapist yet. okay i'm not even going to think about that right now though because it upsets me and scares me too much, i've already spent a fair amount of time crying about it this weekend. now i just need to get in bed and sleep. 

so much anxiety about summer. so so so much. 

pushing thoughts about it out of my head. now it's just to focus on the rest of school. enjoy my time in school while i can before summer. UGH i don't know if i've ever been like this about school ending, usually it's the complete opposite? but I really can't stand to think of school ending. i don't want to think about it. i'm not going to. 

okay sorry for all that rambling. going to sleep now. goodnight. 

^finding lots of pictures of mustaches today on tumblr, hmm. haha! I enjoy them :)


  1. Polenta. is really good!!:) The dinner looks really good! im gonna try that one day!!
    How's sc i hope things heterosexua better!! hope you have a good day!hool going for you?

  2. Mmm, i Love polenta, i usually eat it as a porridge, but this looks delicious as well :)