Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not really feeling that into posting tonight.. not that i'm tired. just.. not really wanting to blog today, not sure why. I have a LOT to say. But I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe tomorrow. I have no plans. So maybe I'll spend a bunch of time blogging or something.

nothing much happened today.. went to a friend's ballet performance. that's pretty much it. it's been quite a flop week for eating, there hasn't been a single day when something weird hasn't happened with my meals or i've gotten in my full meal plan.. mergh. also been a crappy week emotionally. well now it's just to go to bed. and wake up tomorrow to a new day. keep on going. have a new chance to do things right.

Thinking of making a page on my blog that's "reasons to recover", that i'll add to every so often, like what i wrote in my last post. and have it as a page that i'll add on to as i find more reasons. not sure, maybe i'll make it tomorrow, maybe not. what do you think?

well hopefully i'll post tomorrow, goodnight.


  1. The reasons to recover page seems like a great idea!! :)
    And like you said, its just to wake up tomorrow and try to do your best. Dont give in, no matter what. Even if its hard... you just have to keep going. Things will get better!!!

  2. Hi Anja! <3 You are so welcome, and thank you so much for getting back to me! :) Don´t worry, I understand that you have a lot to do and I also took a couple of days to get back to you. Sorry for that! I have just been feeling so low, no energy for blogging. So fun and I got so happen when I got your comment this thursday, I actually was on the computer a little bit before I had to drag myself to school for a while, and your words just made my sooo happy and made my time in school less hard. Knowing that I have someone who believes in me and understands! <3
    Thank you very much! :) I just write straight from my heart, and hope to help in some way, or just make somebody feel less lonely.
    WOW, seriously that is sooo cool that you study swedish. You are a genius you know, I´m really impressed that you take swedish lessons. Can´t believe that you can actually understand a lot on my blog, cause that translate button isn´t so good I think! ;) If you want to practice your swedish or learn some new words just let me know! :)
    You are very welcome! Thanks, and I´m looking forward reading more on your blog (I will follow you now too) and thanks for following me ;) .
    I will try, your words motivate me soo much and thanks for believe in me! <3 I wish you all the best in your recovery too! <3
    Just keep fighting Anja! <3 keep going, don´t give up! <3 Don´t let Ana win this! Stay strong! Some day we will win, we will kick anorexia´s skinny ass! ;)
    Never forget that you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are skinny, you are perfect just the way you are, fighting Ana makes you so much stronger than most people! <3
    Thanks so much and I will definitely both comment and email! :)
    Hope we can keep in touch, it would be great to have some to talk to that goes through the same thing! <3
    So look for an email from me soon! :) And if you ever need anything than don´t hesitate to comment here or email me at ! :)
    And tomorrow monday I will do a post with your blog address and your blog is now under the blogs I follow! <3
    I think just like Izzy, do the recover page, loved the post! <3
    MANY MANY hugs!! <3 <3