Monday, May 28, 2012

Look at this!

This is really cool:

Just thought i'd share it with you :)

and meanwhile I just heard a gunshot.. uhmmm scary much???? crossing my fingers that everything's okay in my neighborhood...

what the heck i just heard a second one okay i'm officially scared right now

THIRD ONE. wtf is going on.


  1. I like <3!!:) Wow it's in general an amazing website - some really fancy recipes on there!! Omg - there are even recipes for ice cream that wouldn't freak me out;) ....hmmmm.... time to challenge ed and try ice cream any time soon...??:P

    wtf...gunshots? :-o You still there??;D

    1. Go for it, try the ice cream!! :) with the summer weather coming, sounds like a nice treat, maybe invite some friends over or have it with your family, a little ice-cream party! or just by yourself is fun also :) wow, I just checked out the rest of the website also, it IS great! :)

      hehe yeah i'm still here.. not too sure what that was about yesterday? hmm. never heard gunshots in my neighborhood before, it's like the total opposite of a sketchy neighborhood, it's actually really nice. just hoping that everybody's okay :/

  2. Thanks for sharing, such a creative ideas!