Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ikea, North Face, and Eclipses!

Well I have had a very fun and adventure-filled day :)

Woke up pretty late. But it's okay.. i need my sleep!

Had breakfast, did random stuff around the house and made a header for my blog finally! (what do you think? it's not perfect.. but I like it!). Hihi maybe my blog will be not-so-boring looking now? ;)

^^breakfast: strawberries, toast with nutella

morning snack: greek yogurt with strawberries, granola, honey

Then it was an hour drive up to my flute teacher's house. We went a little early because besides the quartet meeting, we also had other plans! :) We went to the North Face outlet, and I got an amazing new jacket!!! It's so great :D And mum got two jackets. They're all really expensive but the outlet had major sales so we got all three for the price of one. yay!!! That was very awesome. Put us in a great mood :)

The quartet meeting went okay.. basically our teacher said, the quartet is over and she's making a new one with different people. It was a little harsh. But we knew it was going to happen, and she said it very diplomatically. And no huge arguments or blowups.. it was all very civil and we're just putting it behind us. Moving on. It was so nice to see the other girls again. I don't know when we'll be able to see each other again.. made me really sad. But we'll definitely keep in touch. I'm going to get a facebook tomorrow I think (ugh... i'm like the very last person that doesn't have one.. and I really don't want one. But i'm finally giving in to it.. it will be nice to be able to keep in contact with people. and i'm not going to really post much on it, just use it to stay in touch and also some classes/clubs at school use facebook a lot so i'll need to get one next year anyways.) So I'll be able to use that to keep in touch with them, and we'll definitely hang out sometime :) go into the city and shop!! we have this great trip all planned out :D

After that was over (we stood outside her house and talked for a long while also, because we weren't sure when we would see each other next) mum and I headed over to Ikea!!! That was so much fun, I absolutely love Ikea :)

Lots of random pictures of Ikea.. in the parking lot and elevator! Didn't actually take any inside though.. :/

^^lol! giant chair!

And then we went to this really yummy mexican food restaurant!

Lol.. Totally sketchy bathroom.. the mirror was totally scratched up as you can see :o but the restaurant itself is great!!

Strawberry aqua fresca, yummy!!!

They make the best chicken quesadillas ever. 

Mum's tacos

Mum's side of rice

Oh, and in the car on the way to the restaurant, everything got all dim and we realized it was the eclipse happening! I grabbed a piece of paper and poked a hole in it with a pencil, and made the little paper optical light hole setup thingy (hmm not sure what it's called, light camera? something like that?) and we watched the eclipse from the car. Fun! It was really cool :)

And we tried making a circle with our hand on the wall to see if it would show it.. and it worked!! (hard to see in the picutre though)

Got home around 8:30 or 9, and just been hanging around on the computer and such. It's nice not having schoolwork to stress over :)

And now I'm going to sleep- at a normal time! hihi :)

Tomorrow will be school, then home, no plans really.. planning on relaxing and doing fun things :) and maybe setting up a facebook account.


Oh.. and jacket pictures will be posted tomorrow when i'm awake enough to actually take a good picture. Because golly, right now I am exhausted! :)

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  1. thank you for your comment the other day :)

    your new header looks really nice, good job!! I love the water color shots :) take care. I hope things are going better for you this week.