Friday, May 25, 2012

I wasn't even arguing with her...

how do good days always end up turning to crap??

things generally went pretty well today.. idk maybe i'll post about my day, maybe not, i'm kinda tired right now. i'll see what happens in the next few minutes haha.

but i just got in a big fight with mum. i don't even know why. ughhhh. she was making my smoothie (night snack) and i asked her if there was a possibility of ever having something other than a smoothie for night snack, i have them every single night. and i mean i'm okay with them, they're yummy, but it would just be nice to have something else every so often. and she got all mad at me, we got in a huge argument, i don't even know why... UGH. I wasn't even starting an argument, i was just asking her a question.. and she got all annoyed at me.. and then she just left in the middle of putting things in the blender and got in her bed and threw all the covers over her. ummm?? i went in and told her, i wasn't arguing with you, i was just asking you a question. and she didn't respond. i went to my room and now i'm just sitting here.

oh she just got out of her bed she's back in the kitchen now. hmm. well i guess we'll see what happens next...

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  1. I think we often forget how hard it is for our mums. I love my mum, she's literally one of my best friends but when I was first recovery I hated her. We would fight everyday & one day it got so bad that she hit me, I understood why she did it though. Our mum's see us going through all this pain & its a struggle for them not to be able to take it away. All they want is for us to be healthy and happy again, but they can't make that happen & I think we often forget just how frustrating that is. Your mum is probably very worried about you, she's probably scared that you won't get better, than ana will take control & that she'll loose her daughter. For a parent that has to be the most scary thought. My parents struggled a lot to cope with me so my clinic offered family counselling & that really did help. They also invited my parents to carers groups, where they can talk with other mums & dads & they gave them books to read of how to cope. Maybe you could talk to your mum about some of this? I'm not trying to say she needs it I just meant that my parents will admit without all the help our relationship would've fallen apart & I doubt I would be recovering as well. Anyway please don't let this get to you, things will get better. Love ali Ox