Monday, May 28, 2012

God morgon :)

So far today nothing has happened. Got up. Ate breakfast. Looked through a bunch of old pictures, I found a bunch of really cute ones from when I was younger that I might post :) Hmm now i'm finishing my snack and working on some swedish lessons (haven't been keeping up with them lately :/ i'll be more diligent about it during summer! haha, i won't have much else to do anyways.)

Wow, lots of questions! I'll work on answering those today :)

Also, that link that I had in my last post, i've just taken a look at the rest of the website thanks to Rose's comment, and it's actually really great! has some really nice recipes. I especially like the look of these soups: 
The lemony spring soup with peas and rice (second picture), spring leek and lemon soup (seventh picture) and spinach and lemon soup with orzo (eighth picture) look really yummy to me, i'll have to try them :) (hehe i like lemon if you can tell :))

Also this looks like fun:
I'll have to try this in the summer when it's hot :) because a yogurt is a pretty frequent snack, but this looks like a fun way to change it up a bit! It would also be fun to add a little fruit into the yogurt or something before freezing? hmm i'm going to be having a lot of fun with this website this summer I think :) fun creative ways to make my meals better!

Well now I can say that I have been completely distracted from my swedish lessons! haha! Well at least it's for recipes?? ;)

Hope you're having a good day!

a few pics from yesterday: 

Two of my snacks.. hmmm seems like all my food is brown and white??? time to look at this recipe website for some better ideas, haha!

Hmm no clue why i'm uploading this one.. just kinda liked it i guess.. except for my foot it looks kinda weird. okay yeah i really have no clue why i'm uploading this. :)

isn't she adorable???? ^___^


Morning snack that i'm just finishing up

Hehe and I guess it's back to the swedish lessons now :) 

Oh and also.. tonight mum and I are going to cook with polenta for the first time! lol okay we dont even really know what it is.. but it seems really yummy! I had it once when I was in europe and it was really good, we saw some at the store a few weeks ago and I persuaded her to get it so we can try it out! Well this should be an adventure :) i'm going to look up polenta recipes now, figure out how we can use it! anybody have any ideas? many pictures will be taken of our polenta adventure :) 

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