Sunday, April 8, 2012


Feeling horrible right now all of a sudden. I felt pretty good today in general, it was an okay day, especially with that basket from my friend. And all the sitting in the sun/photo taking. Eating was pretty okay today too- manageable at least.

But now all of a sudden. I'm feeling different. Getting lots of anxiety now, I feel like I want to go run or something. And I'm generally feeling irritated and upset about pretty much everything. Random mood swing I guess..? uschhh. 

Hope I don't stay in this mood for long :/ but I'm going to have major anxiety over night snack tonight. But thankfully it'll just be an apple or something, I think that's what mum said? Crossing my fingers.

I'll also be baking some banana bread with my mum in a few minutes. That should be pretty fun, i'm looking forward to that. I love baking! :)

So depending on my mood tonight I'll see if I'll get around to uploading/sorting/posting my easter pictures (there's gonna be lots!! :) But if I'm feeling too tired or down I may just go to bed.. have to get up early tomorrow for my first time having breakfast before school since about 3 years ago...

I probably will write another post sometime tonight though, even if I don't get around to picturse.

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