Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch period means study period...

Spending my lunch right now in the library studying for a maths test, I'm so scared for this test. :/

I went in to talk to Darin today, stayed for about half an hour and ate my snack with her (carrot sticks). It is always so nice to talk to her, I felt better about a lot of things after taking it out. And it's always nice when she tells me that she's proud of me, that I'm doing well (as in, at least attempting to do things right sometimes.) And I feel like she really cares about me. Really wants to help me and talk. I was apologizing to her for taking up so much of her time with how much I've come in lately, but she said no, please come in whenever I want. She likes talking to me, wants to help. That's always a good feeling.

Well, back to studying now! :) (and *cough not eating lunch)

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