Thursday, April 5, 2012

I think I'm sick :/

Hi! I'm sitting in the music room at school right now, waiting for my mum to come pick me up (she's in a meeting with one of the teachers right now- not about me haha! She comes in and teaches one of the classes a few times so they're talking that over).

I'm pretty sure I'm sick- my throat ga been killing me since yesterday evening :/ but at least I haven't had a fever and I'm not too tired or stuffy. Nothing much exciting happened today... Not sure what to tell about. I still have to tell about yesterday though, I'll write that when I get home, it's too difficult to do that much writing from my mobile.

Classes today were just average. Nothing exciting. At tutorial I talked with my teachers about yesterday's classes that I missed and also tomorrows classes that I'll be missing. Lunch I talked over what happened yesterday with my best friend. It's nice to have a friend that will listen to you and help you out. Different from how it is with a counsellor or something. And for the rest of the lunch period I took a nap in the sun on the lawn, which was nice because I was freezing and exhausted and kind of stressed/worried. It was good relaxing.

Umm it's been 50 minutes now since school got out and I still haven't heard from mum? Ummm. I guess I'll call her now. See when she'll be done. Make sure she didn't forget about me?? :)

More update later!

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