Friday, April 6, 2012

I have a few questions, if anybody would be willing to answer?

I have a few questions for anyone that's kind of gone through this whole thing before. It would be great if anyone could answer a few of them, I would appreciate it a lot :)

How was it for you when your parents first found out? (was it awkward, like they were acting weird, or how were things different if anything changed). And did things start to become less weird, how long did it take before things became more 'normal'? And is there anything that I can do to help make everything a little easier on my parents?

How many people did you tell about your ED, like friends or teachers or any others? If people start asking why you're missing so many classes or something, like what kinds of things did you say? And what would you advise about telling people, as in what kind of people is it good to tell?

Any advice about going into the ED clinic, anything I should be prepared for or do? What was it like for you when you first went?

If anybody has any advice for me about anything above (sorry, I know there's a lot, I'm defnitely not asking you to answer everything! Just anything you have something to say about) I would appreciate it a lot :) please leave a comment below or email me at if you would rather not put it in a comment. Thank you :)

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  1. Hey!!
    Yeah... i've been through it all... haha

    Well it was my mum who knew first.. and she tried to get me to eat. But of course that wasnt an easy job.. and she was so worried. And then she told me dad, he of course didnt get anorexia.. he was just like 'eat'. Me and my dad argued alot while i was sick. Mainly because he didnt understand that its a mental illness, and its not as simple as just eating. I lost contact with pretty much everyone. I pushed them all away.
    My parents knew about my anorexia 2 months before i got admitted to a kids psyche ward...
    I jsut got worse there, and hated my parents for making me stay there.. that they couldnt just sign me out.
    but it was weird... they didnt know what to say, what to do. Because at any second i could just start screaming, or crying.. or whatever.
    When we moved to Sweden, and i started getting help from Mando. My mum had to be very flexible.. she never knew when i'd ge to come home, or when she could come and visit me (while an inpatient) when i'd end up back as an inpatient... and then of course, whenever i was home.. i didnt eat. So it was hard.
    And its hard for parents to trust you... but you have to show them that they can... but the relationship will get better when you gett better... right now, its so new to them. And they can still be in shock... they dont know how to help you. But when you get better, the relstionship will get better! when they know they can trust you.

    Well i only ever told my best friend... and because of my other illness, i've always had times when i spend weeks sick.
    So i just said it was due to my other illness why i wasnt in school.. before my parents found out about my ED, i wasnt in school that often. I didnt have the enrgy and was depressed.
    And then it was that a week before i got admitted to inpatients, i was told that i was so underweight that it was dangerous for me to go to school.
    And its been more then 2 years since that happend, and i havent been back to that school since.. i.e i moved to sweden.
    And then i started a school here, but never went to it. And then i started a new at a new school, when i was healthy and nobody knows abotu my anorexia.
    I dont really have any advice for what to say.. as ive never really told anyone.. but i think its best if your closest friends know (you said your best guy friend knows) and thats good. I mean, not everyone has to know.. its your business. But atlest the people closest to you.
    And if you dont want to talk about it.. you dont have to.

    Well the first treatment i was admitted to. DIdnt work. I just refused to eat, and was on bedrest for 2 months before i had to be put on tube feeding.. which is the worst thing i know... usch. Horrible.
    At all ED treatment centres, you eat 6 times a day. And you have to rest.. its usually no activity.
    Some centres have groups, and people you can talk to... and art rooms. Some places there are teachers as well so you dont fall behind with school work.
    But bring books, and if you have a computer, download films and music. Things to keep you occupied and entertained.. because the days are long and boring.
    Find a new series to watch!! Thats the best entertainement.. i reccommend - pretty little liars, the lying game, vampire diaries, revenge... haha.. something like that! Maybe!?
    And when you go there.. from day 1 do your best and really give it your all. Dont let the time pass by, and you refuse to do anything right. Because then you'll just eb sick for longer.. your wasting your own time then.
    So even though it might be hard... it always is. Recovery isnt easy.
    just do your best..

    Good luck!

    *Do you know if your going to be inpatient or outpatient?