Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hej :)

Hope your Easters are going well- mine is actually pretty okay. The sun is shining, which mum and I are taking advantage of while we can since it's going to be rain again on tuesday and for the rest of the week. I actually love the rain, I like it better than warm weather, but it's still nice to be out in the sun once in a while- kind of makes you feel good.

I got up today around 9.30 and showered, then mum got back from her run and made me breakfast- whole wheat toast with nutella and half a banana, plus a calcium/vitamin D chew (going to be taking one at breakfast and dinner every day now, we just got them yesterday. but they taste pretty good actually, vanilla flavour! hihi). Then I just sat around, did some emailing/blogging/reading/piano and listened to a little music. It seemed like right after I had breakfast it was time for snack :s which was two baguette slices with brie on them. (mum's getting all of my favourite foods right now, lol! nutella, brie, seaweed, good yogurts...) We sat out in the sun for a little while, and then I came in and did more blogging/a little work. And photo sorting, I finally found some fresh batteries for my camera- YAY!!! I've been camera-less for so long, just using the bad camera on my itouch for months. So expect lots of good-quality pictures from now on! :)

Then lunch was tuna+cheese baked on an english muffin (yummy!). Mum's keeping all my meals very small right now so that it's easy to handle and get used to eating so many times a day. The weekend isn't really going to be the hard part I think, what's going to be worst is during school when I'm more stressed and responsible for myself, and there aren't fun things to do like photos/piano/blogging to distract me from all the anxiety. But we'll see how it goes.

We were then going to go outside so she could do a little work on the garden and I could sit out in the sun (and get out of the house!). And on my doorstep was an easter basket! We took it inside, and it has really great things in it, little candies and such- i'll post pictures later. And it also had this amazing card. or more like a book, it has lots of pages and pictures. But I knew from what was in it and all of the pictures in the card (lots of inside jokes!) and her handwriting that it was from one of my best friends. I told her about my eating disorder on Friday (i think I forgot to mention that?). And she was already worried about me before because she could tell something was up, and I was missing a ton of school and all. I had decdided already on Thursday that I would tell her, and she knew that we were going to talk about it on Friday. she also knew that I was going to a hospital and such on Friday. So after school we had an hour before getting on the bus to the music competition, we took a little walk over to a frozen yogurt shop downtown and I told her everything. She was completely shocked and really worried. But she was really glad that I had told her, and I'm really glad I did to- it's really good to have close friends like that who you can talk to about everything. And that will help you out. I know she's going to be such a huge help to me, and I think she'll be encouraging me to eat and such during school (i told her about my mealtimes and how i'm worried about getting it all in when I'm responsible for eating). So anyways, she left me that basket and that was one of the most amazing things anyone's done for me. It made me feel so good, reminded me that she cares so much and really wants me to get better. So while in some ways this easter is one of my worst, that basket made it at the same time one of the best I've ever had :)

After that I spent some time outside with mum, watching her garden and taking lots of photos, then I went inside to get some water and took a lot more photos (i love having my camera again!!! if you can tell heheh).

And now I'm sitting in my room, doing a little update of my day before going and doing some more things- not sure what i'll do now, maybe go back outside and enjoy a little more sun instead of staring at a computer screen all day!

You can expect a huge photo-bomb later today :) Hope easter's going well for you! Try to eat a little chocolate or candies- even if it's just a tiny bite, it's still a step in the right direction! :)

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