Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad day :/

Hi, I don't have much time to write today since it's already really late. I was planning on going to bed 2 hours ago... well what happened to that?.. :)

Let's see, what happened today.. Well I posted earlier during school about my headache. I don't know what happened, last night I went to bed with a huge headache and I woke up this morning and it was still there. It had actually gotten a lot worse. It was really hard to make it through first class, and my head only got worse throughout the day. Usch. My friend's head hurt really bad as well, she offered me some advil but as I've never taken advil before, I thought I better not just in case something bad would happen? Like who knows if I would have some bad reaction to it or something. So then during chemistry (last class) it was worst, plus I had the big chem test I was stressing out all day for. The test ended up going really well though, I think I got everything right except for maybe one problem (out of 30). Then I took a little half-hour nap once I finished my test :) My head continued to hurt more and more though, and then by the time school was over every step I took my head hurt, like the jolting of taking a step hurt it?? Weird and not fun.

Afterschool my friend and I went to get crepes- Haha, a little crepe-obsessed, are we? :) No, it's something we do every Friday usually, except it's been a little more frequent recently. And we're busy both this thursday and friday, so we decided to make today our crepe-day! I tried out the Turkey & Brie crepe, it wasn't really that great. And it came with some kind of weird bell-peppers inside and there was something green I didn't know what it was? errr? I didn't know that there were other things inside it besides the turkey and brie, so that kind of freaked me out, I like to know exactly what's in my food before I get it :/ Oh well. I had about half of it and then my friend ate the other half, thankfully he has a big appetite and is always finishing my food! :)

Then we went to get frozen yogurt, he got me a mini-yogurt (we got a child size and asked them to put it in two cups LOL). And we sat there for a little while just kind of talking about school things, people, all that normal teenager stuff.

Today's crepe... I suppose it looks exactly like the others from the outside though? :)

Frozen Yogurt- it was called something like Extreme Chocolate!

Then I walked home, not quite sure what I did then. My head was still hurting a ton. I'm pretty sure I just lay around on the couch, I might have taken a little nap or something. Oh yeah, I also spent a lot of time on my About Me post today.

We had tacos for dinner. And then I continued to do some schoolwork and then watched some series with my mum, had a shower, and now in my pajamas ready for bed :) My head still hurts a bit, like I can feel the headache lingering back there waiting to jump back out.. okay that sounds really weird how I put it? maybe you know what I mean? But i'm just going to relax, drink lots of water, try to keep to quieter and darker places. Prevent it from coming back. Because this was really the worst headache I've ever experienced in my life.

Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Goodnight! x

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