Saturday, March 31, 2012


I can't really remember yesterday too well actually. I had a lot to write that day but I was just too tired.. but now i've forgotten everything i was going to say haha.

Well, I was actually able to wake up pretty easily yesterday compared to usual. I had to dress up in nice clothes because we were doing a trial during english class for Julius Caesar (I was defending Antony, who was accused of treason, starting a riot, and the murder of Cinna the Poet, if you've ever studied the play?). Our team didn't do very well, but we did end up winning two of the three accusations, which was good. Then I could change out of my uncomfortable nice clothes (lol!) into normal ones during study period, and then at the end of study period I went to the office to see about talking to my counsellor that day during my next class. They said they would send me a pass during class when they could see me, but I didn't end up getting one until the end of the period? I was getting really worried by then that I wasn't going to get one. And the pass they sent me said to go to see one of the vice principals of the school during lunch- then I was totally freaking out! I had no idea why I was going to see the principal, I was afraid I would be in trouble or something and I didn't know what I would be in trouble for. When I went to the office with the pass though, the secretary (who is really nice) said that she had accidentally written the wrong name. Big sigh of relief! My counsellor was too busy with a few other students to see me that day though, she came out of her office to say hi and said that I could maybe come in at the end of the day. I was pretty busy at the end of the day though, so I said I would come in next week and we set up a possible appointment for monday (although, the class I would be missing I pretty much haven't been too or have been in and out of for the past week? oh well, we do nothing in that class anyways!).

For the rest of lunch I went to the library to study for a big maths test I had after lunch. While studying I was texting my best friend (the one that knows about my anorexia and helped me go to the counsellor etc.). He said that my friends, who I haven't really been hanging out with for a long time now, were talking about me and they were worried about me. They knew I left school on thursday and that I had been in and out of a lot of classes, and they saw me get the pass during the previous class that day. I didn't really know why they should be worried about me though, but I guess they hadn't really seen me in a long time. It was a really good decision to stop hanging out with that group though, because with them i was always pretty much invisible. They never noticed me or talked to me, at school I would just be completely silent the whole day. I did end up going and talking to them though for the last three minutes of lunch, just so they could see me and be a little less worried I guess. It was kind of awkward though because when i walked up, I could completely tell that they had just been talking about me.

My maths test went really well, except right before the test started I was cram studying with a friend and this other guy, and the guy ended up confusing me on one thing. So looking back on the test I know I messed that up, but I will only lose 3-4 points on the test and I'll have 4 extra credit points, so if I didn't make any other mistakes (which I'm 99% sure I didn't) I'll get 100% on the test anyways :) darn that I won't get any extra credit though!

After school two of my friends and I walked through town to go to the crepe place. I got a salmon and spinach crepe, he got a sandwich (i forget what type) with some fries that my other friend that didn't get anything ate most of. She also had a bit of my crepe. Mine was pretty good but it got a little bland after the first quarter. I was able to eat half of it but then I got too full to finish, so they had the rest.

Pictures! -->
^^My crepe (with one bite out of it! :)^^

^^Friend's fries + sandwich^^

Then we wandered over to a frozen yogurt place, safeway, and starbuck's, but we didnt' end up getting anything anywhere. I got home around 4:30, and then just sat around the house waiting until I had to leave for orchestra rehearsal. 

My orchestra rehearsal (6:30 to 9:30) was actually really fun last night! My friend who is in college now was on spring break so she came to rehearsal (I know her from orchestra, we sat next to each other and we were also roommates during Europe tour so we are pretty close). This was only the second time I've seen her since summer since she's in college now so that was so much fun! We laughed over so many memories from tour and talked about how things have been going for each of us, what her college is like, how my school's going, etc. And we also did crazy things that we used to do hoping our conductor wouldn't notice haha! (like competition to see who could flutter-kick in their seat for longest without getting too tired or having the conductor notice).  That was really great seeing her. 

Once I got home, my mum cooked some gnocchi with cheese sauce for dinner and we sat eating and watching 500 Days of Summer (one of my all-time favourite movies, so good!!!). Then i was exhausted and went to sleep around 12:30 after the movie finished up. 

So that was yesterday, I guess I'll talk about today in another post! :)

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