Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quick update

Today I woke up at 10, but then I just stayed in bed until 11 because I didn't really have anything else to do and I didn't have energy really. Didn't want to face that I was alive still. 

So then I had a really long shower once I got up, and then mum and I went to the library and a bagel shop to get breakfast/lunch (plain bagel toasted with cream cheese), then I met 4 others at a friend's house to work on a video project for psychology class at 12:30. It was pretty fun, we worked until about 3 and then I went home and edited all the video clips together (since I had nothing else to do really haha). 

Mum made dinner around 6 (chicken pan-fried with lemon and onions, brown rice, string beans). Now I'm getting dressed up to go to the symphony, we actually have to leave like right now haha.. so just a really fast update!! :) I'll post again once I get home from the symphony! 

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