Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting help!

Hello there :)

I've been thinking of starting a blog for a long time, and I finally decided to now. My parents found out about my eating disorder three days ago. I have had anorexia for about a year and a half or a year and three quarters now. I'll start writing about my story tomorrow, since it's getting pretty late now and I want to just get my first post out :) But I'm going to be blogging about my experience now that I'm getting help for my eating disorder. It has taken so much from me, ruined so many of my experiences for the past couple years. I want to be free from anorexia's hold. So I thought that this turning point in my life would be a good time to start blogging now that I'll be going into recovery or something like that! :) 

I'll tell more about myself and my experiences with anorexia tomorrow, now I'm going to go to sleep because I have to wake up at 7.00 tomorrow to get ready for school :/ 

I'm excited to start my blog and a new part of my life! Hope you are all well :)


(Sorry if this first post is really bad?.. i'll hopefully get used to blogging soon!)

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