Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back from the symphony

I got back a little less than an hour ago from seeing the symphony, it was amazing! My flute teacher is first flute and her husband (who my mum has become good friends with) was conducting, he's actually a really important world-renowed conductor! It's funny that my mum sits and talks with him in his living room every weekend, haha :)

That's pretty much it then I guess! Tomorrow I'm planning on taking it easy, maybe I'll ask mum to take me out shopping or something, I've been wanting to do a little shopping. Other than that I'll be studying and taking some photos probably. Two days ago my Japanese teacher told us that on Friday we're going to be taking the Japanese national test.. thanks for giving us an advanced warning -.- So I'll probably be studying a lot for that tomorrow because it's going to be really difficult.. mlah. And I also have a chemistry test on monday, lots of prepping to do for that especially since i've missed a few classes. At least i've finished our psychology project, no more work to do on that!

So that's it for today, i'm going to get in bed and maybe listen to music for a little while or read.. i'm starting The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'm not sure if I'll continue with it, i'm deciding whether or not to use it for an english report. I did The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for a report earlier this year and I actually didn't really like the book, it was pretty scary (or maybe that's because I was reading the really intense parts at 3AM?? hihi). So I'll see how that book goes.

And finally.. I've been debating wether or not to post pictures of myself on my blog. I'm thinking I probably will end up doing it. But I'm still not quite sure? I'll think about it some more before I decide.

Good night/good morning! :)

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